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The Understory // 9.27.20 // Harvest METRC tips and tricks

September 27, 2020

Tracking the trace, while considerably less sexy than the plant itself, can be a part of business development that builds upon successful strategies, supporting your long-term success.

Disaster Relief in the Name of Preparation

September 16, 2020

Disaster Relief for farms that need to move product off their premise without using the METRC/transfer process.

Covid-19 Cannabis and Community Safety

Apr 14, 2020

Hello Neighbors, We hope you are staying healthy and being good to yourselves this Spring. Can you believe cannabis is now an “essential business!”

The Understory // 7.7.19 // Sales Compliance

July 7, 2019

With mid-summer harvests underway, it’s time to check in on sales compliance. A little foresight in building relationships with buyers before you are ready to transfer cannabis can give direction to how the harvest is processed.

Not Me, Inspector

Jun 09, 2019

Hello Humboldt,

We hope everyone has been able to enjoy how particularly gorgeous our rivers are right now. While the late rains gave us growing pains, we are looking forward to taking advantage of the waters in the coming heat. Same goes for preparing yourself for onsite compliance and pending inspections, a little growing pain now will translate into cool waters come agency calls.


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