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Cannabis Compliance Experts

Oxalis Integrative Support Services is dedicated to helping the Emerald Triangle’s legacy sun-grown farms, microbusinesses, and family enterprises thrive in the legal cannabis marketplace.

Together we're building a greener tomorrow in the Emerald Triangle.

State Licenses & Local


State licensing and local permitting, including cultivation, distribution, and transportation.

How can we help you achieve and maintain your cannabis license?

Track & Trace Management

Manageable Track and Trace plans based on your farm's unique and specific needs.

We can train your team, aid with audits and reconciliations, answer those burning questions, and/or handle your direct data entry and documentation.

Ongoing Compliance

Business Support

Compliance binders, records and reporting, sales support,

pre-inspection audits, admin assistance and business development

We’re here to help with your compliance office maintenance and operational efficiencies.

Compliance Workbooks

Compliance workbooks curated and updated by our Oxalis experts. Every form, reference, and contact needed to complete your compliance tasks.

We know what you need to become compliant, stay compliant and grow your business.

Focus for 2021:

Compliance throughout the year; come on the journey with us!

After three years of legal adult use in California, Oxalis has identified the clearest path to compliance sustainability. We are excited to launch our new yearlong Compliance Series, answering all of your questions when you need them most.


The Compliance Series will roll out in two-month blocks, addressing compliance topics of importance at the time. Courses are available through workbook and video education, curated resources, and/or direct hands-on service with our office.


Compliance Series 2021 kick-off:


Initial compliance audit, business formation and documents, renewal and reporting master outline

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