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Holly Carter


Holly is motivated by the community values of collaboration, land based spirituality, integrity, and diversity. She has worked as a librarian for over 7 years, building research skills and public empowerment for information access, and in informal education in a variety of spaces. 


Her natural proclivity to understanding legal frameworks, track market trends, and experience in various aspects of small scale cannabis operations, has led to a fit as compliance support. She is skilled in legal research and analysis, with an ever expanding knowledge of local and state governmental framework. She enjoys working in collaboration with consultants, operators and advocates across California and in other states, in the cannabis realm and in other social, environmental and community organizing. 


As a principal of Oxalis, she has worked with nearly 70 businesses in some fashion, and nearly 100 participants of educational events which she has presented at, gaining continual feedback from operators of a variety of sizes and types across the Emerald Triangle. 


Her previous experience with the Redwood Roots from 2015-2018, gave operational supply chain experience of medicinal to commercial cannabis. She stands by the mission to support farmers of the local area to share clean quality medicine with the rest California.  


She is motivated by the tenacity of the people of Southern Humboldt, and grateful to call this place home.  She has worked on nearly every license type of commercial cannabis in some aspect of support. 

Alison Rivas


Alison is a forward thinking cannabis and healthcare professional with emphasis on plant medicine, local industry resiliency, collaboration, and best practices for people and planet.


She founded Calipso Organics in 2016 to run three farms in Southern Humboldt. She leads operations and has obtained full permitting, annual licensure and met cross-agency compliance parameters, with special focus on environmental restorations. In 2017 she found herself in the role of compliance and relationship consulting for other farms and distribution companies.

In 2018 she co-founded Oxalis with a strong mission to support local legacy industry through state implementation and beyond. She is dedicated to identifying gap needs to support growth through regulatory synthesis and advocacy, efficient operational based direction, and educational content creation.

Her background includes a Masters of Science and Chinese Medicine, establishing a multi-modality alternative healthcare clinic, and supporting a high-risk youth drug recovery program. She has served with Southern Humboldt Healthcare District Board since 2014. 


901 A Redwood Dr

Garberville CA 95542

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